About us

Was the message I heard from My Dad a few months after he past away from emphysema.....  
 Through grief was when my business was born.
Candles & crystals bring LIGHT to others & my intention is for others to feel this when they receive or purchase my products. 

All candles I make are recyclable, Japanese handmade ceramics are what I use & these vessels can all be recycled into a tea cup or planter after use. I am also happy to refill your cup into another candle. 
A range of glass candles with lids are also available.
Natural soy wax & cotton wicks used.

Crystals have a beautiful way of lifting the energy in any room & bringing a sense of harmony.
Crystals are beautiful gifts to give to yourself or to someone you love. 
Crystals personally helped me through grief, so I now source beautiful pieces to be shared with others. 
Studying aromatherapy, led me to a better understanding of the therapeutic benefits that oils & plants have.
5 blends were created and every bottle is made drop by drop & labelled by hand.
Essential Oil Rollers, Room Spritz & NEW Natural Lip Balms.

May these gifts of love bring you much light when needed. 
Tanya xo
You can contact me on 0402207850 to discuss more personal & bespoke gift packages.